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“Improving how you feel” is why you need 3 Minute Angels at this point in time.  When you feel good, you are healthy. 

When you get a massage, you boost your immune system.  This boost increases your resilience to the many pathogens (not just Coronavirus) constantly in your environment. 

When we go from a stressed-state-of-being to relaxation-state-of-being, we improve our health overall and make ourselves stronger.

Don’t feel fear.  Feel “DIVINE” instead.

There’s plenty of misinformation and hype around Coronavirus. It reminds us at 3 Minute Angels of the SARS concerns from 2007.

Your job as a response-able adult is to choose your response.  Fear or Feel Good?

3 Minute Angels doesn’t trade in fear.  3 Minute Angels trades in feeling good — or better yet, “DIVINE”.

Reducing Fear

Be Informed: Find out the real-time statistics so you don’t react to every news or meme.

Take Reasonable Measures: At 3 Minute Angels, we put in place measures back when SARS was a thing.  For example, Angels use disinfectant and alcohol sanitiser on their hands between massages.

Examine Your Present Situation:  We have no staff who have traveled to countries like Italy with large numbers of infected people, no staff with symptoms and we’d like to keep it that way, which is why we have put in place reasonable measures.  As have many of our clients.

So, given the actual risk to you personally, how much time do you need to spend in fear?

Put together the time it takes to get informed, take reasonable measures and then examining your situation, probably comes to about 10 minutes. The time you spend over and above that 10 minutes is just driving fear, stress and making you less effective when it comes to dealing with all your health needs including staying strong in the face of Coronavirus.

Feel Divine

In case you needed reminding, the Angels can help you go from Very Stressed to Divine in 5-minutes because massage feels so great.

Why does massage feel so great?

  1. For a start, it’s all about you.  We all feel better with some personal attention.
  2. The release of muscular pain as the massage proceeds inherently makes you feel good.
  3. The brain floods the body with feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin and these chemicals help you feel Divine.
  4. The blood flow, oxygenation, flexibility and immune-response from getting a massage increases your well-being and resilience.
  5. It is a combination of things that improves your state-of-being.

Get Massages At Work 

You can get health-promoting, resilience-creating, feel-good massages at your workplace wherever you are in Australia.  Just Get In Touch (pardon the pun).

All our services come with guarantees for your satisfaction.

All our massages are good for your health.

Do you need a reminder of how good massage feels?

(pardon the pun)