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What’s Your Angel Story?

It’s a great Australian tradition to celebrate an 18th birthday with amusing stories.  At least one of your friends is likely to make everyone laugh by poking fun at you.

The stories could be the first time you did something or the last time you did something silly.

We want to hear your 3 Minute Angels related stories.  What is your funny 3 Minute Angels moment?

The Foundation Story

3 Minute Angels was established after we did a few trial shifts in a pub (Jackson’s on George) and tested the market.  What we found was:

  • Massage was relaxing and fun (of course).
  • People loved our “pay what you think it’s worth” pricing policy (this made people talk).
  • Our people (Angels) were our greatest asset.

It was definitely a unique proposition. Turning up to a pub and offering massages and then letting the customer decide how much to pay.

18 years on…

Today we continue to have amazing Angels.

They in turn make the customer experience fun and relaxing.

Nowadays, we do most of our work in offices and at events.  As such, our customer-determined payment model has been replaced with quotes and confirmations, invoices and bookings.

Tell Us Your Tale?

If you have a funny / significant / memorable or silly moment that involves 3 Minute Angels.  Let us know.  The best (safe for work ones) will go onto our social media.  

What would you say for 3 Minute Angels 18th?