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You aren’t great at multi-tasking (even if you think you are).

One often cited study from Stanford University found that people who multitask are more easily distracted, less productive, score lower on tests for recalling information, and make more errors.


FACT: You are more productive when focused.


Without getting too scientific about it, the fulcrum gives you the ability to do more depending on where it is placed.

In a work context, it is also good to understand what helps you move your “fulcrum”: so that you can have greater leverage at work. 

The answer is: “focus“. 

More specifically, where is your head at? 

If you’re working on a broad range of things – or you’re jumping from task to task – or you’re overwhelmed, then your fulcrum is not working effectively.

When you get specific about your task instead, and feel you’ve got the mental resources to focus, then your fulcrum is more effective.  You can get more done.  You can do BIGGER things.  You can face and OVERCOME GREATER RESISTANCE.

Halo Massage

The Halo Massage by 3 Minute Angels is 5-minutes of ‘sharpening the saw‘.  The 5-minutes of massage allows you to de-stress on multiple fronts:

  • Physical tension release;
  • Release of good brain chemicals;
  • Oxygenation via deep breathing;
  • Reduced feeling of overwhelm.

Following the Halo Massage, you can get on and do more work, be more focused and be more productive.

Be More Focused and Effective

Like the video clip from Kill Bill Vol. 2 (above) shows, if you know where to focus, you can be incredibly effective.  This isn’t to say they you’ll be doing actual Kung Fu moves.  It is however more likely that with focus, you will:

  • See what strategy is required (not get confused with other tasks);
  • Be confident when taking the actions (not get distracted by other tasks);
  • Effective when taking the actions; and
  • Get the result you want quickly.

Get Kung Fu Focus