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There is a saying amongst meditation professionals that if you are too busy for 20-minutes of meditation per day, then you need to do 40-minutes of meditation per day. 

The intent is to say that you should make meditation a priority – good.

However, the expression also exposes some arrogance.  It is possible that you have a lot on your plate.  It is possible to be too busy doing stuff – not because you lack some self awareness, but because it is very busy.

That is why we provide short, sharp and powerful 5-minute Halo Massages. 

Our process is designed to relieve stress by getting stuck into your shoulders, body chemistry and brains.  We get in quick and get done quickly so that people can get the benefits of massage fast – and then get on with the work at hand.  


After a short Halo Massage, people feel “Divine“.

time for massage

That good feeling is in their muscles, body chemistry (via serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin etc) and mood.  This of course leads to better focus, improved communication skills and less stress (more resilience).

Naturally the end-result is someone being grateful for the massage they’ve received at work.  It’s an employee saying “thanks” for the massage.

The “new-you” that resulted from a 5-minute massage is more grateful and ready to work more productively.

I’m Busy

The meditation industry that would have you believe that your lack of time is a byproduct of your lack of meditation.  On the other hand, we at 3 Minute Angels believe that if you’re busy, you are a competent human able to identify if you’re busy or not.

We believe that the same logic would support you creating 5-minutes time for a massage.  If, after the massage you feel renewed, productive and focused.  

The logic is akin to sharpening a blunt saw.  You do this because you know that following the time spent sharpening the saw you will be far more productive than if you had used a blunt saw.

The meditation logic of ‘you lack time because you haven’t meditated’ is self-serving and ignores the reality that sometimes people get busy.

The logic of massage is that you spend 5-minutes (once) sharpening the saw so that you can spend the next day or longer being more productive.

Are you busy?