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Melbourne Cup 

3 Minute Angels is being used by a car brand (name withheld) at Melbourne Cup, we are booked to make the marquee environment the perfect “oasis” amongst the chaos of a big race day.

Rugby World Cup

Since the start of the Rugby World Cup, we’ve been booked at functions across 5 different pub venues (owned by the same group).  The logic was that watching the Wallabies can be stressful.  So having a massage nearby would be a good way to help fans.  Losses to Wales and England proved extra stressful with the Wallabies now out.  Good luck to South Africa and England.

Feel Divine Cup

3 Minute Angels is providing clients who are booking in November with a “thank you” present, a ‘Feel Divine Cup’.

This Cup isn’t about the pinnacle of sports.

This cup doesn’t over-promise.

It doesn’t promote itself as “the game they play in heaven” or the “sport of Kings”.

The Feel Divine Cup is given to those who make the bookings for 3 Minute Angels on behalf of their office.

In other words, the person who cares how everyone else is feeling and then does something about it.  Clearly, this person is one of the best (if not the best) in the whole office and deserves to be recognised for this act.

Winners of the Feel Divine Cup can now be identified from mere mortals in an office by having the “Feel Divine Cup”.

(Cup pictured above is a mock-up.  The real thing is going to be epic).


The Coolest (hottest) Cup

The person that books 3 Minute Angels on behalf of others is the coolest and that’s why we are giving them a container for the hottest beverages in town. 

The Feel Divine Cup stands out in the rinse rack at work.  The Feel Divine Cup won’t be pinched by others in the office because it has your name on it.

How To Get Your Feel Divine Cup

If you’re planning on booking 3 Minute Angels for Xmas parties, Summer promotions, office work, conferences, events etc – then get in touch (pardon the pun).

When you’re organising your booking, we’ll collect your details and at the end of November, we’ll send all our Feel Divine Cup awardees their very own, unique Feel Divine Cup.  Super simple.