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Let 3 Minute Angels massage at your Spring or Summer event.  The process of giving a massage can act like a “springboard”.

You’ll get more lift, more excitement, more divine moments being associated with your event.

  • An Angel at your Corporate marquee would make your marquee have a point of difference.
  • A “Zen Zone” at your event will cater for those who need to chill for a bit.
  • A massage that takes your attendees’ stress away is a great way of showing compassion – or that you care.
  • Angels can make your guests and attendees feel pampered, special or even adored.

An Angel can give your customer experience that sort of lift and BIG SPLASH you want to make.

Check out the video below to get an idea of how attendees feel.

Speaking of Spring…

Don’t you just love this warmer weather?

There’s even a little rain inland where they need it.  There are bits of green. 

In fact, you can tell by the Sunday morning chorus of whipper snippers and lawnmowers that everything is growing.

It feels like we’re coming out of our winter shell.  Enjoying the daylight savings and doing everything with more gusto.

Bookings At This Time Of Year

Between now and Christmas is peak 3 Minute Angels times.

There is the usual corporate work across the country but an increase in weekend and after hours work as a result of Events and Promotions.

Our bookings can be 3-months to 3-hours ahead when you want the Angels.

All our massage are backed by guarantees that show we put our money where our mouth is.

Jump online now and get your massages for Spring and Summer Events.

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