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“Half the staff means double the stress”

We were shocked to overhear the above quote when massaging last week.  It was made in response to the simple question: “Are you looking forward to the holidays?”


  • School Holidays (now on)
  • Easter Holidays (Friday to Monday coming)
  • Anzac Day (25th April, next Thursday)

If you are working…

If you are working and everyone else is on leave, then chances are you are doing your job plus covering for a bunch of others too.

This has the potential to really stress you out.  Your stress will make you less productive (when you need to be doubly so) and your holiday-ing colleagues will be none the wiser when they return to work.

Will you get kudos, extra pay or acknowledgement for holding the fort?  Probably not.

Coping with stress

Coping with workplace stress is a series of blog posts we’ve written on many many times before.  However, coping with the stress associated with everyone else being on leave and you being under the pump deserves it’s own ‘Quick Tips’.

Quick Tips

  • Stay motivated.  This is “more than just a job” and this is your chance to prove that idiom for yourself.
  • Look for positives.  Whilst you are not on holidays (and your work mates are) you can take holidays later on.  Even better, you won’t be battling the huge crowds when you go on holidays.
  • Stay away from social media.  This is good advice anyways, but particularly when you could encourage FOMO.  It will not help you with time management or mind set.
  • Get a massage.  If you’re in the position to make this happen, do it.  A 5-minute long massage will be your reward for yourself and your team who stayed behind.  It’s cheap both in terms of time and money but will give you a mental and physical boost you need.  You’ll be working at peak productivity following your massage.

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