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If you’re reading this post, you will already be familiar with great office massages provided by 3 Minute Angels.

However, not everyone is.  There are still many prospective clients who’ve never had massages at work.

To help, we have on-web help chat manned by a real human, we have captured many many testimonials , we also provide 110% Satisfaction Guarantee and simple pricing guides.

What are you worried about?

If you’re the one responsible for getting massages in an office for the first time, you might be worried.

Every workplace incentive – from birthday cakes, Friday drinks or bonuses – has to come out of a budget.

So massage has to be a good incentive, thank you gift or point of recognition. It has to work better than something else that already has budget committed to it.

Fussy People

It may be different in your workplace, but there’s plenty of workplaces where they do birthday cakes for each person on their birthday.  You would think this is a nice, meaningful gesture – an opportunity to give recognition to each employee annually – and that people would get on board with it.

But these days, there are sugar-free, nut free and gluten considerations aside from flavour preferences.  A simple birthday cake is no longer a reliable point of recognition.

In fact, daily birthday cakes (depending on the size of the organisation) have become boring and perfunctory over time.  They start to suffer from a law of diminishing returns.

People worry that any workplace incentive might not be liked or valued.

You can’t expect gratitude

You can plan for gratitude when you book 3 Minute Angels for office massages.

Because massages might be a weekly or fortnightly thing, instead of a daily thing like a birthday cake, your team will not get tired of them.

Moreover, massages are carbon neutral, sugar free, peanut free, animal cruelty free, fat free, preservative free, gluten free and alcohol free.  So most people will be able to enjoy a massage.  When they do get one, they will feel valued and will like it.

We built our business on your staff loving their massages.

We can expect people to feel good from the massage process, the brain chemicals and the conversation they have with their 3 Minute Angel.

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