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What Clients Say About Us

Blowing your own trumpet is never as good as when someone else blows your trumpet. Testimonials for us serve 2 roles:

  1. Showing the client that booked us that their money was well spent i.e. appreciated by the staff who received it;
  2. Showing prospective clients that we have happy clients, which in turn will hopefully convince them to become a client.

Watch good testimonials video by Angel Arnie:
Watch this good testimonials video recorded by Angel Arnie

Post-Job Client Videos

Our intent is to capture a few snap shots of each shift via the Angels on that shift.  This will show the ‘key contact” (person who booked 3 Minute Angels) to see who amongst their team enjoyed the massage.  Whilst they could get this information from the Key Contact Report that we send to clients – a picture tells 1000 words.

Each Angel is equipped with an iPad.  We use this device coupled with our custom built app to collect consent, record any previous injuries, gather before and after massage mood assessments and entertain recipients for exactly 5-minutes.

The Angels have been using iPads since 2013, but it was relatively recently that we “clued up” that Angels could use the device to capture photos and videos of the often amazing reaction of happy recipients.

When you book with 3 Minute Angels you will likely receive a Key Contact Report and Video of your shift.  This way you will know you have received value for money (or not).

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