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It’s the best management tool you have

Saying a sincere, well-timed and specific set of words – Thank You – is still the best management tool in any leaders tool-kit.

People who get the words “thank you” at the right time will do more than just show up.  They will bring their best to the situation.

Giving recognition and receiving recognition builds human relationships.

The best non-financial incentive has to be recognition.  Especially when saying “thank you” is free.

Saying ‘Thank You’

Have you heard the phrase, “people don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad bosses.”  If you want to be a better boss, say thank you (and mean it).

Engagement in work only slightly correlates with financial incentives.  A bigger correlation with engagement is the use of non-financial incentives like a massage or a well-timed and well-meaned – Thank you.

Thank You Team

(It’s important to practice what you preach)

3 Minute Angels has had a great year and it is due to our people.

The Angels have done a great job.  We’d particularly like to thank those high serving Angels that earned ‘Angel of the Month’. Janka (x4), Scott, Arnie, Shanika, Alisha, Ana Paula and Katie.

To all our incredible Angels – thank you – you have done a great job!




Ana Paula




Guardian Angels

3 Minute Angels has an ‘Ascension Pathway’

Mortal > Neeph > Cherub > Angel > Arch Angel (Team Leaders) > Guardian Angel (Management).

Our Guardian Angels (management) have achieved so much like the new Key Contact Videos and better customer satisfaction scores we’ve enjoyed over 2018.

They deserve the credit and recognition for what we have achieved in sales.  So thank you Satya, Jenny, Bert, Mark, Gladys, Abi and Ken.

To all our supportive massage contractors, suppliers like satyamorrison.com and Your Portal, advisors and partners – thank you.