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Are You An Addict?

Phone addiction. It’s causes can be debated but that is not what this post is about.  In fact, we don’t even want to defend the science of phone addiction.  What we just want to discuss is the end result of over using of mobile phones and tablets.

pain with phone addiction are you an addict

As we spend more time looking downward at our mobile phones, we put more pressure on the neck.  This unnatural posture stresses and hurts the neck area.

It also causes “referencing” pain to other areas.  For example, the headaches some people get directly after they arrive at work could be down to having spent the previous 45-minutes on public transport with their head down looking at their phone…

The facts are Text Neck is real.

If you or you’re team seem to be suffering from phone addiction, sore necks and phone fatigue, then a massage might be helpful.  It may not cure your addiction.  But it can naturally relieve the symptoms of stiffness, soreness, headaches and associated levels of productivity increase with each massage could end up paying for itself.

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