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Smartphone Usage Directly Causing Back Ache

There have been multiple blogs and news stories (here, here and here) about Text Neck causing changes in spinal curvature, which in turn is causing back ache.

Text Neck

It’s Not Just At Work – It’s Addiction

The workplace often comes under fire for its impact on health and wellness.  Experts argue that the workplaces discourage movement and encourage a sedentary life, they’re full of artificial light, air conditioning and basically are un-natural modern environments.

Let’s face it most work is done in these environments and they do contribute to stress and broader health issues.

In the specific case of Text Neck – it is not exclusively a workplace health issue.

That would normally be cause for celebration, but unfortunately the reason that it is ‘not all works fault’ is because it’s an even bigger problem than that.

Look Around You Now

Experts fear we are addicted to smartphones.  Evidence is here and here

If you are reading this on a smart phone in a public setting – check it out.  Look up.  Look around

phone_addiction_chart Addicted to phones

Work Can Offer Reprieve

Relatively to looking downward at the small smartphone screen a desktop computer screen at work is positively good for your posture.  It actually is a long way from good, but it can be made better with the following:

  • Regular stretching
  • Regular movement
  • Ergonomic placement of frequently used equipment
  • Handsfree phones
  • Frequent massage

Whilst it can be hard (and sometimes feel weird) to mandate employees stretch or move.  It is easy to get them a massage.  Not only do staff enjoy the health benefits of regular massage, but they also feel better “cared for by the company” and “valued by their boss”.

Long Hours Spent Sitting+Working from your Mobile =Sore Back, Neck and Shoulders

If You’re Needing A Massage

If you’re feeling back ache and you know others in your team feel the same then perhaps you should get some 3 Minute Angels massages.  You need to Get In Touch (pardon the pun) by calling 1300 662 022