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Massage at work is different to massages in other environments.

Having a Massage at work is a “pick me up” that improves productivity, morale and the mood of an office.  Massages in a medical setting have a therapeutic context and Massages at Events or Promotions have a marketing context…

Short On Time Not Needs

When a business invests in having workplace massage, they need it to lift productivity, the mood in the office and be a well-timed “thank you”.  The employees need the lift and the business needs to know if massage at work works or if its a waste of time (and money).

This is why 3 Minute Angels always ask people before the massage “How do you feel?” and at the end of the massage ask “How do you feel now?”.  The difference in how each person feels is important because this demonstrates if the result has been achieved.

Massages That Work

3 Minute Angels is proud of our corporate massage expertise and leading role in providing massages at work.  That is why we produce our Halo Report .  It details for our clients how each and every person felt before and after our massage, click here to see more.

What have your angels done for you lately?

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