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Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, you can show a group of people you love them by giving them 3 Minute Angels signature Halo Massage.

Feel The Love At Work

It’s okay to tell a workmate *you love them, but, words are cheap and it might get lost amongst the noise. 

If you want someone to actually – physically feel – cared for and appreciated.  Then a massage can carry that message better than mere words.

A massage says: I want you to feel Divine.

A massage says: I care when you’re stressed – now let’s do something about it.

A massage is a love-message written in a tactile way.

Instead of telling your staff that you love them.  Let them feel the love instead.

*As a whole, doing it one on one is a ‘Touchy Subject’: see last week’s post.

Get In Touch (pardon the pun)

If you're keen for an expression of love and think your team deserve it then Get In Touch and let us help you're people feel the love.