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A Touchy Subject

3 Minute Angels is a fan of touch.  We think it’s an under appreciated yet essential to life (babies die without it).  We think, touch is deep-rooted in personal and group psychology. 

Touch is part of what binds a tribe or family together, but there’s a question –

When is a hug (touching) appropriate in the workplace?

Getting and giving hugs can be important to creating genuine human connection and camaraderie in the office.  BUT…

  • Getting the hug wrong can lead to un-coordinated and awkward moments.
  • Getting the relationship context wrong can lead to embarrassment at best and at worst, harassment.

8 Rules For Office Hugs

  • It is alright to announce a hug is coming. Some people will appreciate a ‘Hey, come here, you deserve a hug’ or ‘Is this a huggable moment?’
  • When you hug, hug for real. Nothing worse than the ‘fake hug’! A fake hug is worse than a non-hug.
  • Don’t hug those you supervise. The following caveats apply. If it’s being supportive in a non-creepy way (major family or personal loss — sideways, kind of arm around the shoulder, you care about them hug); If it’s a hug for a professional win (promotion, giant sale, big project completion, etc.) and it’s with a group.
  • Note: Try this as a “sniff test”: would feel completely comfortable with your spouse/partner standing next you and watching that specific hug.
  • Don’t whisper, ‘You smell good,’ when hugging someone professionally. That’s creepy — in fact don’t whisper anything while hugging!
  • Don’t close your eyes while hugging professionally. That’s weird and creepy.
  • It’s never alright to hug from behind. (Creepier!)
  • Never hug in the bathroom or storage. It makes for awkward moments when other employees walk in and see that.
  • Don’t hug the person you’re having an affair with in the office. (No explanation needed).

Get In Touch

The potential for touch to improve things needs to be weighed up against the potential damage that could be done if the touch is done wrong, for the wrong reasons or received badly.  The consequences of getting touch wrong are significant.

Consider instead getting 3 Minute Angels in to the office to provide 5, 10 or 15-minute massages for your team.  Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.

Outsource the benefits of touch to 3 Minute Angels

Touch done right can be the best thing in your day – or even week.