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There are 2 types of People in this world

There are 2-types of people that get massage.  Those who get massage for health benefits and those that get massage for feel-good benefits.*

This reflects a quote we saw recently

There are those who treat their bodies like a temple and then there are those who treat their body like an amusement park. Which of these is you

The Temple

Of course your body is your temple.  Massage has significant health benefits (lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, relieves pain, etc.) and so it is a good course of action to combine massage into your overall health and wellness plan.

As a business the investments in the Temple that is your staff can take the form of anything from Yoga Classes to Fruit Boxes and of course ergonomic design.
Make your teacher feel this good

Of course your business may employ people more like ‘Lou’ (Name changed to protect privacy) who said recently: “This body isn’t built for retirement” before mixing us all a damn fine cocktail.

The Amusement Park

There’s something amazing about Luna Park, Disneyland or any of those great Amusement Parks.  It isn’t just the thrill of the rides.  It is the combination of sensory stimulation that leaves you with a massive smile.  You might be coming off a sugar high, exhausted and spinning, but in the end you’re happy.

So it is with some people’s views on the utility of the body.  These people when buying massage are doing it for different reasons.  They may be relieving pain, decreasing stress and or just wanting to feel good (again).
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Corporate and Event Massage

3 Minute Angels product appeals to both Temple-Worshipers and Thrill-Seekers.

The majority of our Corporate work however is provided because of a sincere commitment to Wellness in the workplace.

The majority of our Event work, particularly promotionally-centred work, is about providing pleasure and stimulation to each recipient as a causal agent of “feeling good”.

So no matter what you need feel free to Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022





* We know there are more than 2 types of people in the world.  We know some people buy massage for medical purposes, treatment of injury, pregnancy, sports rehab and a million other reasons.  This is just a blog.  Lighten up.  After all there’s 2 types of people: those that can and…