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Note: Australia has a fine ANZAC tradition and this post is meant in no way to belittle the efforts of our fine defence men and women.  We are asking ‘why companies can’t be better employers?’

When the Army Orders

At 3 Minute Angels we have been working with the Defence Forces for about 15-months now.  We were surprised to get that first gig (we wrote about it).  We didn’t expect the Army would be into massages!

Getting the gig did come with some conditions like a good rate and confidentiality on which departments get what.

It’s now been over a year and the Defence Department continues to work with us.  We are really happy about that, but it did get us thinking…

If the Army values short massages for people they can order around.  What is the corporate world doing for their troops?

Soldiers or Staff?

You could make the case that soldiers are more valuable than staff.  Soldiers put their life on the line for the rest of us to have peace and security. Whereas most of us in workplaces do far less vital activities.

Nonetheless soldiers are usually young, fit and have to follow orders.

It would be way too much to assume morale is built within the Defence Forces by getting short massages.

We’d assume it is forged in shared experiences, physical activity and the bonds between each of the troops.  At the end of the day, troops would still carry out orders if they had massages or not.

Yet, here they are still getting recurring short massages from 3 Minute Angels.

Maybe, they’re purchase is not that surprising.  The Defence Force though is a very sophisticated employer.  

They have to be with so many roles and people employed.  So it’s probably not surprising they understand what is valued by their “staff” and match this expectation.

They’re in good company.  3 Minute Angels massages 5 of the top 10 Best Places To Work according to independent surveys.  See previous blog.

What these great companies and the Army value is the change Angels can make in attitudes (for the price and speed) on a person-by-person basis.

It’s surprising then that every company that suffers with unhappy, demoralised staff don’t get into massage.

It’s strange that a business struggling to compete for talent, retain staff, get productivity and everyone working well would not be treating their staff as well as the army treats soldiers.

If you’re reading this it probably means your employer gets 3 Minute Angels already and so this post is probably preaching to the converted.  However, if you know of a company that is suffering from poor performance or morale maybe forward this article to them.  If we can lend a hand (pardon the pun) to help them out.  Then, of course we will.

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