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Don’t Push, Attract

There are soooo many reasons why being “Pushy” doesn’t work at getting sales.  Maybe it worked in the good old days,  But, these days, people have too many options – online or down the road – that don’t include interacting with someone making them uncomfortable.

There is no room for ‘pushiness” within the massage interactions we provide as Angels.  That is why our 1st Golden Rule of Sales is:

Don’t Push Attract.

We hold this rule and 2 others sacred but more on that later.

How Do You Attract?


We all agree ‘Don’t Push’ makes sense, but often finding a way to ‘Attract’ is not something we articulate.

The key elements of Attracting come down to the same things in sales as they do in personal relationships.

  1. First impressions count
  2. People know how much you care.  Not care how much you know.
  3. People want to be with people that make them feel good.
  4. You have to keep investing in the relationship.

3 Minute Angels to Attract Customers

3 Minute Angels is deployed by brands to help them with Product Launches.  We’ve got one coming up this week with a major beauty product (skincare) that claims to reduce signs of stress.

To make their first impression they’re turning to 3 Minute Angels.  We’ll provide samples of product as a way of messaging the marketplace.  The provision of massage that directly reduces stress at the same time as the product aims to reduce stress… Brilliant.

3 Minute Angels to Thank Staff

3 Minute Angels is deployed on a frequent basis by Australia’s best employers (5 of the top 10 Best Places To Work are 3 Minute Angels clients).  To make platitudes around wellness in the workplace is easy.  What these companies do is show they actually care enough and get the Angels in to provide massages.


3 Minute Angels to make you “Feel Good”

3 Minute Angels records the difference we make during the 5-minutes of massage via  the Mood Scale.  We call the change in pre-mood score and post-mood score the ‘Halo Effect’.  It is a simple tool and effectively shows our “key contacts” what we’ve done for their clients, employees or event attendees.

After Massage Mood

NB: Just as importantly it shows us internally which of Angels is best at making people feel good.

3 Minute Angels to invest in relationships

Every year we’re seeing more of our clients buying gift certificates for services and giving them to their channels and suppliers.

These strategic relationships (like employees and customers) are important for businesses and often giving them a gift that ‘cuts through’ is a challenge.

3 Minute Angels is helping to make people feel good on behalf of another company.  The associated ‘feel good’ reflects on the company who gave the Gift and this is creating attraction (and loyalty).

NB: Here are a few reasons Angels are a great gift.

Angels Are Attractive

If you would like to experience the benefits of 3 Minute Angels Halo Massage for yourself then please Get In Touch (Pardon the pun) 1300 662 022.  You’ll feel the difference that 5-minutes of massage can make across you and your organisation.