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The Design Of Each Halo Massage

When you get 3 Minute Angels for your event or office you are receiving The Halo Massage.  The experience each recipient has is unique – as the Angel, the massage pressure and vigour, the surrounding environment and the engagement all differ – however the physical process and steps of each 5-minute massage will be the same.

The part-structured and part-bespoke nature of The Halo Massage is why it appeals to so many.

In this post you can learn what we do and then maybe apply it at home with a loved one.  This way you can make your home feel Divine too.  We’ve inserted a video below that you can massage along with…yes-there-is-intelligent-design-in-our-halo-massage

Before The Massage

  1. Make sure whoever you are massaging agreed.  Unsolicited massage may not be wanted.
  2. Establish what your doing i.e a neck and shoulder massage.
  3. Wash your hands, have a breath mint and get ‘present’.
  4. Establish a “Pressure Scale” so you know what their idea of “hard” or “soft” is compared with your own.  At 3 Minute Angels we say the following… “We’re going to use a pressure scale where 0 is hardly touching you and 10 is extreme pain.  5 is the pressure you would deem perfect.  Please let me know if I go above 5”.

Starting The Massage

Place your hands on the recipients shoulders and do a kneading (squeezing action) on the tops of the shoulders.  You should time this kneading action with what you’re saying about the Pressure Scale and then you will be establishing what the recipient views as a “5”.

Aside from getting the pressure right you may want to check in about what level of vigour do they want?  A slow application or a fast application of the same massage technique can result in a different experience.  Slow technique usually relaxes and fast technique usually energises.  When you match their expectation to ‘relax’ or ‘feel more energised’ then you improve the experience.

The Halo Massage Process

  1. Tops of the shoulders – kneading and or small circles with the palm
  2. Right Shoulder – small circles with the palm
  3. Left Shoulder – small circles with the palm
  4. Neck – kneading the neck by providing compression and release of alternate muscles starting from the lower part of the neck and moving upwards.
  5. Stretching and Breathing – Stretches are crucial to a quality massage.  People tend under stress to pull their shoulders up and forward.  By stretching someones shoulders down and back in unison with breath you can relieve a lot of tension.
  6. Hacking – this is otherwise known as Tapotement and brings blood flowing to the area previously massaged and stretched.
  7. Feather Strokes – this is where we try and elicit the Goosebumps Response by lightly brushing with our fingertips the recipient from the crown of their head down their spine and off their shoulders.

Ending A Massage

“Feather Strokes” is the best way we know how to end the physical part of the massage.  However, the experience does not end until you find out how the recipient feels.  Simply asking “How do you feel now?” Will provide the recipient with a opportunity to reflect on the physical and mental difference they now feel.  Being ‘present’ to the difference is half of the difference a person can feel.

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