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Goosebumps are Primal.

If we see our client gets goosebumps or gives a small involuntary shudder, then we know we have done a good job as an Angel.


What is happening when you get “goosebumps” is a flight/fight response.  Triggered by a temporary overwhelm of the sympathetic nervous system, it is your bodies primal response to things like danger, sex, cold or strongly felt emotions i.e. sympathy.  Here is a bunch of interesting stuff about “Goosebumps”

The last part of The Halo Massage from 3 Minute Angels is designed to give the recipient “goosebumps”.

We call it the “feather strokes” when teaching our technique.

The action is to bring your fingers lightly down from the crown of the head, following the energy down the spinal column to about half way down the back.  Applying slightly more pressure let your fingers “brush” back up the spine again towards the neck.  From the neck, let each hand come off the top of the shoulder…and if you’ve done it correctly…Goosebumps!

To see this technique watch the video below from 2.08 onwards

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