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This Video Will Make You Feel Divine Again

There’s plenty to get stressed over… politics, work, unhealthy relationships, the state of the world…

3 Minute Angels is always treating the results of stress in the workplace and are experts in this arena.  Over the years we’ve improved the experience of our corporate massage services and provided Angels with digital tablets that play a video to the recipient.

The video compliments the massage. It contains puppies, games and imagery that is scientifically formulated to make you feel less stressed.  (You can get the history and science behind the video here).

By watching the video not only will you experience Life Generating qualities you will be making your stress levels and stress chemicals reduce.  You will reduce the cortisol and adrenalin in your system and instead get a boost of the “good drugs” like oxytocin, endorphin and serotonin.

Stress has a very personal cost to wellbeing, mood and health.  That’s why we fight against stress and support initiatives like Lifeline’s Stress Down Day (July 22nd).

If you want to reduce stress for yourself watch the video (above) or get massage soon.