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Hi Jane,

I wanted to write to you and let you know how your TED Talk on building resilience influenced and inspired a really cool thing in Australia.

It started when my Dad was going through treatment for cancer.  We watched your talk together and installed Super Better, but his days were up too quickly.  But even with his passing your message stuck with me beyond his death.

So I looked at the science you provided about your TED Talk and watched a heap of your stuff online.  Your sister Kelly has AMAZING stuff going on too.

(Both you and Kelly are on my “if-you-could-have-dinner-with-anyone-in-the-world?” list.  Maybe if you ever come to Australia…? we do a great veggie lasagna).

I digress.  

Here is what happened after being inspired by you… My business, 3 Minute Angels– was giving 5-minute massages and plugging along but then with your insight we upgraded our core product.



We now include a video “Life Generator” that each person watches when getting this 5-minute massage.  If you watch below you’ll see that it prompts them to build resilience in each area: Mental Resilience, Physical Resilience, Emotional Resilience and Social Resilience.

This Is The “Life Generator” Video

After the massage we encourage the person to express gratitude and thank someone special.  So far over we have delivered this to more than 70,000 clients.


Data as at Feb 11th 2014

This works out as 70,000 x 7.5 minutes = 365-days (1 whole year).

We thought you might like to learn that your idea was picked up by a massage company on the other side of the world and used to extend the life of its clients by a year (so far).

But we thought you might also like some evidence of what sort of affect this has on people.  Granted we are giving them a massage whilst they are exercising these 4 Resilience’s, but they seem to like it.  I reckon this could get BIG!

A Client Report

75% of people reported a Mood Before Massage that was 'Very Stressed', 'Stressed' or 'OK'. 5-minutes later the Mood After Massage 80% are 'Very Happy' or 'Divine'.


As you will have gathered I’m a big fan of your work.  Please continue it with persistence and humour.

Thank you so much for making your TED Talk, thanks so much for sharing your science, thanks so much for the inspiration you’ve shared.  I guess what I’m trying to say is: Thank you Jane.

Andrew Ward
CEO and Founder of 3 Minute Angels
Connect via LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1dGt5ns