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I know how you feel…

‘I know how you feel’ is specifically the core skill of Angels.

Angels literally, physically and actually feel your pain.

They lay their hands on you and feel the knots, tensions in muscles and (lack of) mobility.

With something akin to magic, when Angels place their hands on you these issues (stress, mobility and tension) start to resolve and disappear.

The effects start instantly and they don’t rub off for a while (see previous post). But what’s most impressive is the change in ‘how you feel’.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.50.03 AM

In 5-minutes we take people who, according to their own pre-massage assessment, feel “Stressed” and within 5-minutes, according to their own post-massage assessment feel, Very Happy or Divine.Don’t believe us?  That’s ok we have the numbers to back it up.

The numbers don’t lie.  This is the before and after graph for 3 client offices from last week.

They include a large telco, a government department and a real estate agency.


We know how you feel, when we ask you, you tell us.

We know how you feel because our business and service depends on making a difference to your state of mind.  We are invested in getting a better mood for you (and your team).

Do you feel stress or muscle tension? Do something now to resolve the issue.


Call the Angels and enjoy a better feeling, 1300 662 022.