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Happy Angel Client

If you’ve had a massage recently you probably felt better after the massage compared with how you felt before.  This change in physical and mental state is the by-product of massage. Every massage therapist should be able to make you feel better – it’s a standard not an extra.  

It isn’t in itself surprising that average massage therapists make you feel better – massage reduces stress, releases ‘feel good’ chemicals like oxytocin and is physically pleasing.  Massage is something we all do naturally for our lovers. And it’s instinctive to massage ourselves should we receive a bump or knock on a muscle we can reach ourselves.

What makes an Angel above average is not the massage!

  1. What separates Angels from average massage therapists is our recruitment, selection and training processes.
  2. It’s the fact we measure the mood before and after the massage and deliver this as a report to the manager or hirer of our services
  3. It’s the fact we provide a receipt to each recipient of the massage.  We have this in place in the super-unlikely event they need to retain a record in case of injury.  It’s our professionalism that sets us apart.
  4. It was 15-years ago that we realised it’s easier to train people-people in our trademarked Halo Massage than it is to train an average therapist to have personality.  Personality goes a long way.

It is these things that elevate an Angel from an average therapist and why we are so confident in our Angels service that we offer 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.  It is also why we are the largest and best massage supplier in the country.

Of course being the largest also means we offer the best prices (Price Match Guarantee), customer service and account management for complex, recurring or other jobs that require more than your average massage therapist.

Get in touch (pardon the pun) with us for your next booking.

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