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Last week 3 Minute Angels launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a massage therapy space – with transparent walls – on the back of truck.

~40% of the target has been funded through fans pre-ordering experiences that can only be had with the creation of The Divine Truck.

If enough potential customers pre-order the project goes ahead. If not enough pledges are received then no money is taken from pledgers and the project does not go ahead.

The amount people pledge is linked to the reward they’d like to get if the project goes ahead. The types of reward chosen indicate some pleasantly surprising things

1. The most popular pledge has turned out to be the most expensive. We weren’t expecting that! The pre-order is for having The Divine Truck at a private event accompanied with some 3 Minute Angels who give massages. This reward saves people who pledge now $1000 per event.

2. The next most popular pledge is for $1. This turns out to be the equivalent of a “thumbs up” for effort. It’s really gratifying to have these pledges, as it shows that people like the way we do business even if they don’t want to buy now.

3. The next most popular is massage lovers pledging $75 to have a massage within The Divine Truck at any preferred location.

There’s still 3 weeks to go so the surprises could keep coming. We’ll be excitedly checking in on the stats, wins, losses and learning’s as we go.

In the mean time click here to pledge, click on the bottom right of the screen to chat with us live, or contact us here if you have any questions.