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The Divine Truck

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What is The Divine Truck?



The Divine Truck is a massage therapy room being built on the back of a truck.   The truck has transparent walls allowing people to see in and the people inside to see out.


The idea is to create a new massage experience and a show-room in one.

“The Divine Truck”, as it is being called, has blinds that can make the therapy room private.  It is powered by solar panels that in turn run the air-conditioning and power.

The space is lit through natural sunlight when the blinds are open.  If made private, the lighting is entirely LED that can be controlled for colour, intensity and patterns through control systems on the wall.

Wi-Fi and digital displays mean all sorts of media can be played inside or outside to clients or would-be clients.  Being a lightweight truck, any person with a standard license can drive it.

Making massage visible by taking it to popular beaches, corporate office complexes and festivals is a first of its kind.

The truck can support either multiple people getting seated massages or one person getting a lay down or table massage.

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When will I get my reward?

Your reward delivery will depend entirely on the type of reward that you pledged.

If you pledged for “Thumbs Up” Reward we’ll give you a shout out during the campaign.

If you pledged “Divine: Tea for 2” Reward we’ll work this out with you for some time in April going forward.  To lock in your time contact Jen at 3 minute angels dot com.

If you pledged for “The Divine Truck Massage” Reward we expect to deliver all these massages between July and December 2015.  We will confirm your exact appointment closer to the date or you can discuss now with Gladys at angel massage dot com dot au.

If you pledged for the “Corporate Sponsorship” Reward we can commence that from April 2015.  Contact your account manager Bert or Mark at 3 minute angels dot com.

If you pledged for the “Party Pack Reward” you can redeem this from July 2015 to December 2015 subject to availability.  Contact your account manager Bert or Mark at 3 minute angels dot com.

What happens if you raise more than $10,000

If we raise more than $10,000 it will go towards The Divine Truck, which is expected to cost more than $20,000.  Pledges have to be in by the 31st of March 2015.

Do we have detailed Divine Truck customisation plans?

Whilst final plans aren’t completed until the choice of truck is made we have detailed drawings on how we think it will work.  Check these out below.

Who is really customising The Divine Truck?

Meet Nick or “Nicko” if you already know him.  Nick went to school with the Founder Andrew Ward.  In fact they both did Design and Technology together.  After leaving school Nick worked as a mechanic with Eurpoean cars (BMW mostly) until a workplace injury.  He then moved into custom computing and printing where he has been running his own business for a number of years.  With The Divine Truck Nick is combining his love of mechanics, renewable energy and consumer technology with this project.

Divine Truck Plans?


Meet the Mechanic


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