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Spot to get 2 Angel hours

How to Spot and Win

Did you spot someone you know in this video?

If yes, do these 3 super quick things

  1. Add a comment below the video on our Facebook page
  2. In this comment, tag them (@ their name) and the time stamp where they appear (i.e. 1 minute 23 seconds).
  3. If they also join as a Facebook friend of 3 Minute Angels, then they get 2-hours of Angels free.

They can use their 2-hours for work or a private function.

It is up to them.  They just need to Get In Touch.

Competition Fine Print

One win per person “spotted”

You can’t spot yourself.

2-hour Gift Certificate will be given to the person in the video, not the person who spotted the person in the video.  Although if you are a winner we encourage you to share the massages at work with the person who spotted you or if you’re having a private function bring the ‘spotter’ along too.

You can redeem the free 2 x Angel-hours according to normal terms and conditions.  These may include travel time, depending on where you wish to redeem your certificate.  Travel time may be charged.  Additional hours (over the 2 provided in the certificate) can be booked at regular hourly rate.

To claim and redeem your 2-hour certificate Contact Us.

Your claim is dependent on 1) a comment being left that tags the person spotted and 2) the person spotted becoming a ‘friend’ or ‘liking’ our 3 Minute Angels Facebook Page.

You can redeem anytime in the next 12-months.

Any other questions Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022