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Saturday and Sunday Massage Special

Working this weekend?

If you or your team are working weekends then you deserve some recognition and reward.  One way to do this is with a massage.  Call us 1300 662 022 or Get In Touch.

Have an Angel onsite for 5-hours for $300

See How Much People Love The Angels

Saturday and Sunday Special Booking Conditions

  • You can have an Angel onsite for minimum 5-hours for $300.
  • You can choose what part of the day the 5-hours covers
  • The Angel can massage the team offering 5-minute (Halo Massage) or 10-minute (Double Halo) neck and shoulder massage or Hand Halo Massages or combinations.
  • This rate is for customers booking for Saturday or Sunday prior to 30th September 2016.
  • The rate excludes GST
  • The rate is subject to normal travel fees if applicable.
  • The rate is subject to normal Terms of Service and Booking Procedures.

Get In Touch or call 1300 662 022