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Refer a massage, get a massage

3 Minute Angels is all about spreading the oxytocin effect. The more people who feel good, the better we feel.


So if you know an office you think could do with a massage, put them in touch with us, and when they book, you’ll receive a free massage for your office up to the same value.

It’s that simple.


When will I receive my credit?

Your account will be credited as soon as your referral’s booking and payment is confirmed.


How will you know who to credit when someone is referred?

Simply make sure that they mention your name when they book. We’re not too strict about this, they can email us, call us, or even just tell their account manager, as long as we get you or your company’s name.


Will my credit expire?

Nope! We will simply keep the credit on your account until your next booking.