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Who is Wardy?

Andrew Ward (aka “Wardy”) is the Founder of 3 Minute Angels and the reason why we are called 3 Minute Angels but do 5-minute massages (scroll down for the answer).

Over the last 16 years, he had overseen the rapid expansion in our early years (2002 – 2007), post-GFC middle years (2008 – 2015) and of late the “renaissance” of 3 Minute Angels (2016 to present).

Andrew, or “Wardy” as he prefers to be called, is an entrepreneur and actively involved with several other ventures but, 3 Minute Angels has been his cornerstone investment for more than 16 years and holds a special place in his heart.

How it all began…

Andrew went into a bar (Jacksons on George in Sydney) that friends worked at and asked them if he could massage patrons coming in to relax after a long days work.  This little idea grew popular based on the pricing policy of “pay what you think it’s worth“.  Within a few years, 3 Minute Angels was providing short Halo Massages nationally across airports, shopping centres and bars.  This exposure provided us with a growing list of Corporate and Event clients.

Where we are today…

Today 3 Minute Angels is the leading provider of Corporate and Event massages.  Our Angels are the key to our success.  The massage component is pretty routine (in order to be safe).  Instead, what typically makes our customer experiences so good is the connection people have with the ‘Angel’ whilst getting the massage.

Our focus

The Angel-to-recipient interaction is what creates “Divine” experiences. The mood of each person you massage changes from “stressed” to “divine”.  The amount of change is called the “Halo Effect”.  Across a whole workplace, the difference is tangible.  The whole process is very rewarding for Angels, recipients and the hirer.

After Massage Mood

Our ‘Secret Sauce’

At 3 Minute Angels, we have a digital worksheet that collects consent from everyone we massage.  This consent is important for legal and insurance reasons.  The digital worksheet though serves 2 other functions:

1) Recording how each person felt before and after the massage and attributing the difference to the ‘halo effect’.  This in turn allows us to produce a shift report and quantify what we do on shift;

2) Showing a video designed to compliment the massage and take each recipient through a journey.

This willingness to combine technology with real world experience sets us apart from any other massage company.

Why are we called 3 Minute Angels?

The signature Halo Massage is a seated 5-minute neck and shoulder massage.  It hasn’t always been this way.  In the first week of operating, we thought 3-Minutes would be enough, but we quickly changed the product to be 5-minutes based on feedback.

We kept the name as 3 Minute Angels but changed the product to 5-minutes and in the process had one more reason to tell clients about ourselves.

Today our Angels offer specialised 5-minute, 10-minute and 15-minute relaxing massages Australia wide for a myriad of workplaces, corporate and private events.