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International Nurses Day

The 12th of May is International Nurses Day and you have the chance to reward and recognise these superheroes (nurses) by providing them with 5-minutes of feel-good, relaxation that helps them feel better.

Nurses are constantly making everyone else feel better. This International Nurses Day is our chance to make nurses feel better.

Nurses work hard and work with body, mind and soul. They are super heroes and need to be treated as such.

You can provide 3 Minute Angels Halo Massage to nurses in their breaks, at the end of their shift or at shift change over.  Providing this type of recognition is low-cost / high-impact.

3 Minute Angels have been providing massages to nurses for over 20-years and we work with hospitals across NSW, VIC and QLD on a regular basis.

To book massages for superhero nurses – get in touch.

Reward the Nurses