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To answer “Why do our Angels wear black and not white uniforms?” Back in December 2001 when 3 Minute Angels was being “road-tested” we were wearing white t-shirts. Big mistake.

Australia gets hot and people sweat – even when they aren’t massing all the time. The white shirts were an unflattering look with sweat.

Further, the origins of 3 Minute Angels were massing people in bars and clubs where the individual would pay for the massage whatever they though it was worth.  We were more like hospitality worker – who wear black than we were those who wear white.

The typical professions that wear white include doctors, dentists and pharmacists.  Some massage uniforms are white in an attempt to look more like a medical or health professional, which is the only kind-of argument for wearing white. Wearing black is far more practical, sets us apart from other massage companies and honours our roots in the pub and club scene of the early “naughties”.

Brand Virtues Match With Black

The principle brand virtues of 3 Minute Angels – the ones we recruit for with staff remain: Communication, Holism, Transformation and Vitality (CHTV). The lesser known brand virtues that come through in our branding include:

– Angels; shining through the darkness. This is to say that spending 5-minutes with the Angels can stand in contrast to the day-to-day grind.

– Logo, is handwritten, which is personal instead of a font, which is man-made. Massage is personal and so this equivalence is reflected in our logo.

– Where black is practical – that’s our colour. In many printed and web formats you have a default white colour. True to our brand being practical.  It is easily applied in reverse.

– The Halo Massage is as much an emotional and interpersonal journey as it is a physical journey through stages of a massage process. The ’emo’ look of black was particularly a “noughties” phenomenon.

Got it in black?

Our Angels wear black