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Been a while…

It had been a while since my last massage (and it’s been a while since our last blog post).

In the 6-month gap between massages, my body and mind had “forgotten” how good massage feels. More than that, in the absence of regular massage my back and neck had been getting progressively stiffer. I had not noticed the stiffness until I got the massage.

The slow build up of tension, stiffness and bad posture had become my new normal. It was how I thought normal should feel.

It was only after breaking the drought and getting the massage that I could feel what normal should be.

I could see it in my improved movement and posture. I felt immediately better.

Are you overdue a massage?

If it has been a while since you had a massage, you may not have realised the accumulated tension and stiffness.

Take a moment to check your posture.

Are you leaning to the left or right?
Is your head on straight?
Are you shoulders even?
Do you have a hunch going on?

If you noticed that things could be better, perhaps it’s time you got a massage.

Do you notice how you feel?