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Do you see this time of year like a young, middle-aged or old person?

The young.  Listening to young people talk at this time of the year. What you’ll hear is them counting down the number of days in school or the number of days until Christmas. They are excited by the end of the year. They are even more excited for holidays and what the coming year has to offer.  This is the “young” approach to this time of year.

The middle-aged.  If you listened to the 40-somethings around you. You’ll hear life is speeding up, that sleep is hard to come by and that it’s a constant procession of one thing after another.

When you’re older, at this time of the year, you’ll be talking about who is coming together for Christmas. Who is going to be where and for how long.  You’ll be talking about food and how “it’s not like it used to be”.

Regardless of young, middle or older. We all are coming to the end of the year. We are all about to start a new year. Life is taking its steady march forward.

At this time of year. Everyone needs a massage.

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Enjoy a massage when you can

At this time of year, everyone has an excuse for a massage. 
If you are feeling stressed and need to wind down – get a massage. 
If you are feeling exhausted and need a pick me up – get a massage. 
If you are feeling distant and need to connect – get a massage. 
If you are feeling festive and want some joy in your world – get a massage.

Now is a great time to get a massage.

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