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Do you remember saying “don’t lose touch”.

Did you sign off letters (remember those) with a phrase like that?

You’d hear it said after a great night meeting new friends.

You’d be just as likely to hear it after a reunion.

You’d hear extended families say it after spending time together.

We don’t say “don’t lose touch” as much anymore. That’s a pity.

We live in a “connected” world where simultaneously we are losing touch.

Emotionally, Literally and Actually, We Are Losing Touch

  • Emotionally

Emotionally these studies and these and these into ’emotional disconnection despite technological connection’ are sad, but true. They conclude that emotionally: we are losing touch in our intimate relationships, in our friendships and workplaces.

  • Literally

You are speaking to fewer people today than you were 10 years ago. You are writing fewer letters, postcards and emails over 300 words. Literally you are connecting less, writing less, writing with fewer people. You, like the rest of us, are losing touch.

  • Actually

We don’t touch each other in workplaces – unless of course you’re a 3 Minute Angels employee, and are paid to – because that would be inappropriate. COVID19 and physical distancing didn’t help much with encouraging touch.  We are losing the frequency of touch that we used to get. We are actually losing touch.

Alarm bells should be ringing for us as a society. Do you want to live in a world where we have lost touch.

As managers we must understand this is the world our workmates inhabit. This is a world, that is losing touch; emotionally, literally and actually.

Don’t Lose Touch

You don’t have to lose touch in the workplace. You can bring in 3 Minute Angels to give people the divine feeling. 

When you reconnect people with touch by having in 3 Minute Angels, you will help the humans in your workplace connect physically, psychologically and emotionally with the Angels. This physical, psychological and emotional connection is only 5-minutes, but staying in touch is increasingly rare and therefor increasingly valuable. It is an opportunity for you to help people stay in touch.