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20 Years Of Fun

3 Minute Angels started in 2002. For the last 20 years, we have had our Angels massaging at this terrific community event.

The City2Surf is named as the largest timed road race in the world back in 2002. Nowadays it attracts more than 85,000 participants from across the globe. Corporations, running clubs, mates, and dates all combine for this uniquely Sydney event. We’d like to think that 3 Minute Angels is for some of those people a highlight experience.

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Feeling good after 14km

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Big Events

If you would like 3 Minute Angels at your venue, in your marquee, or pampering your clients at the next Big Event. Then please get in touch (pardon the pun).

3 Minute Angels have 2 decades of experience with large events. We understand the logistics, personalities, and sensitivities involved in these Big Events.  

3 Minute Angels