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Buy Now, Use Later, Ahead of Price Increase

There is only a few days left to buy credits or gift certificates prior to the price rise scheduled from July 1st 2022. If you need to spend budget in the next few days, get in touch (pardon the pun) with 3 Minute Angels.

Your massage credit or gift certificates can be used on a regular Halo Massage (5-minute massages), Double Halo Massage (10-min massages), Stress Buster Hand Massage and Halo Massage (15-min combination).

Seize the opportunity to take advantage of 3 Minute Angels by purchasing before June 30th.

3 Minute Angels massage services can be provided in many environments. Most popular of all is bringing massages into the workplace as a workplace incentive. Also popular is including Angels as part of your event or promotional activities.

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