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Securing Your Next Budget By Spending This One

At the end of the financial year, some of us have budgets that we didn’t spend – and now must be spent – quickly.  If you find yourself in that situation 3 Minute Angels can help. For example, 3 Minute Angels can give you credits or gift certificates for office or event massages that are redeemable over the next year. You’ll get those paid from the current remaining budget. That way, next year you have some budget in reserve, if times get tighter.

Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

Hopefully all this talk of inflation and recession comes to nothing. But, if it’s like previous recessions it may mean budgets dry u and staff wellness gets deprioritised.

If you are hoping nothing will happen, that’s not much of plan. If you plan on having a thriving team culture then you need to plan how to keep massages in the budget.

If your staff and the teams morale and wellness are important to you then securing massages for the coming period makes sense. Lock in the massages that motivate, build wellness, better communication and resilience in your team.

Budget for Wellness