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Time and Motion

The Industrial Age was epitomised by the Ford Company and its study of time and motion that resulted in the first “production line”. Out rolled the low price point, Model T Ford, and with it, society was transformed by the mobility afforded by an “every-day car”.

Alongside the production line grew a management style.

The Industrial Age has gone. Society evolved through the decades since by computers, offshoring and the web. More recently, COVID-19 forced whole sectors of the economy to work from home.

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Flow and Emotion

In the modern workforce, the concept of ‘flow’ refers to the experience of peak performance. This is where the work ‘pours’ out and is effective. Time travels at a different speed. Time spent in flow is the defining factor in success for musicians through to mathematicians.

How productive are you when stressed compared with when you are in flow?

The ability to get in and sustain flow is determined by Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In short, EQ is our ability to manage our emotional state. According to Harvard Business Review is the key attribute for determining success in the workplace of the future.

3 Minute Angels Flow and Emotion

3 Minute Angels is the tool that you can use to help manage your mood.

Angels and the Halo Massage is a physical and proven method to change your teams emotions in a positive way.

Flow and Emotion