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Business Family and Your Actual Family

It is a beautiful thing to see. Businesses are getting staff and their families together.

3 Minute Angels have been taking bookings for Family Days. These corporate events are being held on the weekend (but they don’t have to be) and in public parks (but they don’t have to be).

We think a business putting on a family day is a great idea and we encourage more businesses to do this sort of thing.

After COVID had us looking into our colleagues’ lives in ways like never before, family Day is an opportunity for the kids and partners of your staff to meet and get to know each other. Embracing the things that are important to your people i.e. their family, is a great way to win your team’s appreciation.

family day

Make it Fun and Stress-free

Of course, having a Family Day on the weekend cuts further into your “family time”. It means you have to provide a good event. You’ll want to have food, entertainment and 3 Minute Angels.

3 Minute Angels can provide direct stress relief, which is a talking point that people of all ages will enjoy.

All our bookings are subject to normal terms and conditions.

Make Family Day Fun and Stress-free