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Move Over Valentine’s Day

February 14th is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Or it used to be. Some of the shine related to match-making babies with arrows has worn off. Now, there are other important causes staking a claim on February 14th including the National Regen Ag Day.

There is something cute about cherubs, chocolate is delicious and love should be celebrated.

The social norms of the last century – sending real cards anonymously – are somewhat out-dated now. And the giving of red roses talks to a once-past view of the typical relationship.

Valentine’s Day is often accursed of being just a Hallmark advertising campaign (much denied) and this has further contributed to it going out of favour.

What all this means is that the 14th of February being automatically associated with Valentine’s Day may be coming to an end.

People across the board may be as interested in the soil the plant is growing in as flowers that bloom.

More people are becoming connected to food and gardening, perhaps inspired by Costa with his wild success (and beard) who has succeeded at bringing attention to these important issue of food and the environment.  There’s also a new appreciation for the role farmers can play for good in respect of the environment. Yep, farming and specifically “regenerative” farming is on the rise.

You may just find in the years going forward that instead of sending someone you love a rose bloom, you’ll show your care for that person by sending them a native tree to grow or some seeds so they can grow their own delicious fruit or veg.

(Until that time you can always send them some massages).

3 Minute Angels can help all those that care for our land or care for another by providing great massages. So, if you are celebrating National Regen Ag Day or Valentine’s Day and want massages, then look no further than 3 Minute Angels.

What are you Celebrating this Feb 14th?