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Do You Still Wear a Mask?

It didn’t take long to get used to wearing masks. It took longer to remember to take your own bags to the supermarket. Now that mask-wearing requirements are being lifted, it begs the question: Do you still wear a mask?

Here is a State-by-State breakdown of mask requirements.

Should Angels Still Wear Masks?

Where 3 Minute Angels is required to wear a mask, then of course we do. However, with restrictions lifting in workplaces, outdoor events and conferences we’re asking the question: should Angels still wear masks?

There are opposing views on Angels wearing masks.

Pro Masks: Some people think the best public image and health outcomes are based in 3 Minute Angels voluntarily continuing to wear masks when providing our Halo Massage. The argument is that some people in the workplace will be worried about an Angel going from person-to-person transmitting COVID all over the place. The idea is that the mask will give everyone confidence that the Angel is being careful and considerate.

No Masks: Some people think the masks get in the road of proper communication between the Angel and the person they are making feel divine. The argument is we can go back to “normal” and better communication without a mask, so why wouldn’t we? That way our customers get a better result. This “No Masks” side of the debate, further argues that restrictions are lifted and that Angels should be about health – not sickness – and the mask is about sickness, not health.

There is a logical argument both ways. What do you think? You can tell us in the link below.

What Do you Think?

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