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Last week, we said: “We feel you”.

This week, you said: “That was touching.

It is so nice to have feedback on our newsletter from last week. 

During the whole COVID thing, we often wondered if anyone was still reading our musings. Why would you read a blog from a massage company when getting a massage was impractical?

It was really nice to get your feedback. Thanks to Moira, John and Katy for each reaching out.

A Gesture

When you demonstrate with your actions what you think and feel about someone – or gesture – you are sending a message. For example, if you provide massages for your team, you are showing them that you care how they feel.  The gesture of showing you care, feels (almost) as good as the massage.

A Word

When you say “thank you” it means a lot.

When you mean it, a heart felt “thank you is all the reward someone usually needs.

You can also say thank you with massage and our Angels can hand-deliver a “thank you”, on your behalf. This has the benefit of letting your recipient actually feel your gratitude.

A Feeling

That feeling you get after you haven’t had a massage in ages and then you get one. You have all those feelings of pleasure, relaxation and relief. You think to yourself why has it been so long…

That is the feeling of someone who needs a massage more frequently. Get In Touch with 3 Minute Angels today and get the feeling.