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Recently the ‘Australian’ image has been beat up and battered.

Once known around the world for our sportsmanship, laid-back attitude, great environment, social inclusiveness and innovation. More recently we’ve been seeing ourselves – and the world has been seeing us – in a different light.

  • We’ve been terrible sportspeople – ball-tampering in the cricket and booing at at Adam Goodes or visiting tennis players. We are now better known for being unsportsmanlike than sportsmanlike,
  • Once laidback, we are now devious (how we dealt with the French submarine contracts), petulant (how we dealt with COP26) and arrogant (how we deal with China).
  • Our pristine environment is burned (2019-20), flooded (21-22) and bleached (the Great barrier Reef). Farmers tell us that Climate Change is real and politicians tell us it isn’t. Meanwhile we can’t put food on our own supermarket shelves.
  • We don’t value the First Australian’s and their request for us to move Australia Day or sign the Uluru Statement or to be included in the preamble of the Constitution. Our inclusion only extends to those white or wealthy enough. Meanwhile genuine refugees are put through torture and isolation for years on our outsourced islands of hell, whilst media and doctors are effectively banned from reporting our conduct.

So what is Australia?  Are we the image of our past or present? If your grappling with these thought heading into Australia Day, you are not alone.

We feel you.

Innovative Australia

Our past, you could argue, was ‘pioneering’ as much as it was colonialism. That is not to say colonialism is a good thing, or that to dispossess a people to this very day is a good thing. It is however, taking a view that it is pioneering to sail half way around the world and adapt to completely different environment.

Australia through our past and to present has always been innovative.

We’ve innovated with lawnmowers (Victa), clothes lines (Hills Hoist), hearing aides (Cochlear) and presently are world leaders in graphic design software (Canva), software design software (Atlassian), offline and online checkouts (Coles and Fast) and more.

It’s because of our ability as Australians to innovate that we should be proud.

We can add beetroot and pineapple to hamburgers, we can take any normal English word and make it into a slang equivalent that sound rude.

We are an innovative culture.

Treat Yourself to Australian Innovation

3 Minute Angels with our 5-minute, seated massage format is an innovation. Compare the Halo Massage with the more traditional modalities of Swedish or Chinese massage. 

3 Minute Angels has pioneered where you could find a massage (pubs and clubs, airports, shopping centres) and how we price massages (pay what you think it’s worth and 110% Satisfaction Guarantee).

3 Minute Angels carries a proud, uniquely Australian innovative culture.

We feel you

Australia Day is this week and if you’re confused about feeling ashamed or proud to be Australian – we feel you.

If you love our innovative culture but loath our recent actions – we feel you.

If you love our environment but loath our political attitudes towards it – we feel you.

We feel you because that is our job.

When you book with 3 Minute Angels to take the stress out of your day.  It will re-introduce your laid-back attitude.  You’ll open up and share your thoughts. You’ll take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Moreover, you’ll be helping a great Australian innovation get back on its feet after 2-years of COVID-induced recession.

Support Australia Day by getting yourself massages with 3 Minute Angels.  It’s something that way we can all feel good about.