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We Certainly Do

There are 3 questions that 3 Minute Angels respond to with the following response: we certainly do.

Do you Operate Outside Offices?

We certainly do.

Most of what we do is corporate in nature. For example we do events, promotions, tradeshows, marketing and promotional services for businesses. However, we still massage at parties, private events and hens nights if you’re wanting Angels for those more personal occasions.

Do you Operate Outside 9 – 5pm?

We certainly do.

If you want to book us for a morning start or evening event – you can. Our services are subject to normal booking conditions and terms & conditions.

Do you Take Regular Clients?

We certainly do.

Not only do we take recurring clients, we offer regular clients discounts based on volume. Of course, through 2020 and 2021 with the disruption caused by COVID we haven’t been providing recurring massages for clients. But we look forward to doing this work again.  So, Get In Touch.

Do you Like Massage?