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Melbourne Cup 2021

The Melbourne Cup 2021 falls a day after “Freedom Day” for many. Whilst Melbourne Cup has always been a chance for an office sweep and some time off to watch the race that stops the nation. This year, the Melbourne Cup festivities are likely to be a chance for workmates to socialise for the first time in many months.

Of course, some offices will chance it with a wild party, other offices will choose to back a winner and get 3 Minute Angels’ massages.

Melbourne Cup can be a great ‘excuse’ to show you care by providing massages.

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Celebrate with Massage

Your office can choose to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day with the Angels, but you’ll have to get in quick. There are fewer Angels after lockdown took a lot of their work away and as many clients (if not more) wanting our services. So be faster than the winner of Race 7 – and get in touch (pardon the pun).