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3 Minute Angels has 20 years of experience within the events industry.

We remember:

  • The issues with getting public liability insurance from 2001-2
  • How transformational mobile phone technology was
  • The staffing crisis
  • The last 2-years with COVID

A lot has changed in the Events industry.

Social distancing has changed the minimums and economics of planning.  Account and sales contacts now work-from-home and can’t do on-sites. But most importantly customers have changed. Many customers were forced out of in-person events due to COVID. Those customers either learned it wasn’t the business disaster they feared – or it was and they’re in bad shape.

So as event organisers, planners and service providers, we need to work together to make in-person events even better.  if you’re an event organiser, we’d love to help you in your quest to make events

  • Memorable
  • Effective
  • Worth doing

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Event Messages Stick with Massages

Booking 3 Minute Angels for massages to make your events memorable is natural. However, the reason 3 Minute Angels is loved by large and small event organisers alike is our professionalism.

3 Minute Angels has:

  • The right staff for massaging and for managing bookings
  • National coverage
  • Flexible systems,
  • Shift roll over plans,
  • COVID Safe (and fun) plans and
  • Everything that you need to make your job as an event organiser easier.

So this Spring event season if you think massage, touch or connection – think 3 Minute Angels first.

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