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Did you Enjoy Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a great time to acknowledge the work of Fathers and Fathers that work.

(At 3 Minute Angels, we also celebrate Mother’s Day and Working Mums)

This Father’s Day, the 3 Minute Angels team acknowledges the work of the Dads in this world who juggle work life with their family life.

A shout out to the “Founding Fathers” of 3 Minute Angels – Gordon and Wardy, our beloved “Grand Father” Ken – and our “Newest Father” Bert for all their work.

father's day

The connection between father and child is special.

Having a “Dad” and being a “Dad” is only part of the story. Having a “good Dad” and being a “good Dad” is work. 

It comes with patience, commitment, steadfastness, faith and fortunately, joy.

Often, being a good Father comes with advice. Advice you give, advice that’s taken, advice that’s ignored and advice that sets you straight.

We hope you will find this Fatherly advice from the late Robin Williams helpful. 

3 Minute Angels hopes you had a great Father’s Day.

We Hope your Father Day was Touching

It is Father’s Day