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R U OK? (In Lockdown)

The 9th of September is just around the corner and with it comes a unique R U OK? Day.  This R U OK? Day, many people will be in lockdown.

In a corporate setting, R U OK? Day was a reason to pull each other aside and check in with each other. This could be done discreetly in a “water cooler moment”.  In Lockdown, this kind of “chance encounter” was easy.  With most people working from home – such an opportunity is impossible to create.

The need for R U OK questions has never been more required.

r u ok day

Are You OK?

New data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare gives an insight into exactly how the pandemic has affected the mental health of Australians.  It’s not good.  The National Suicide and Self-Harm Monitoring System show more people are using crisis lines like Lifeline and other mental health services since the crisis began, while there has also been an increase in ambulance attendances for suicidal thoughts and self-harm in both NSW and Victoria.

r u ok day

3 Minute Angels is here to Help

3 Minute Angels may not be able to provide massages during lockdown to relieve stress or raise awareness at your workplace, but you can book learn-to-massage-like-an-Angel training for all your team.  With this approach, your whole team can all learn how to make themselves (and the people they live with) feel better.  It’s not the same as asking R U OK? at the water-cooler – it is better.

Learn to Massage is Key to De-stressing and Connecting.