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Resilience is a verb and not a noun.

At 3 Minute Angels we have recognised this fact.

You can even have Resilience incorporated into your Halo Massage when you book 3 Minute Angels.

Whilst lockdowns may make the need for resilience greater, they’ve taken away the ability to get massages to you. However, these insights remain valid.


There are 4 key areas in need of active resilience-building:

  • Mental Resilience – This is building cognitive function. It can be as simple as playing a game like ‘spot the difference’ or counting backwards.
  • Social Resilience – This is best built by expressing gratitude to someone.
  • Emotional Resilience – This is best gained through practising the art of decision making.
    Hint: Indecision is stressful. Being in-the-decision is more stressful than dealing with the consequences of a decision.  So go ahead and make some decisions.
  • Physical Resilience – This is created through massage, stretching, increased activity, deep breathing etc.

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